Our History

The History of a Good Idea.

A Tooth Doctor for Kids has been a big part of the community for years, but we started small.

The practice was founded by Dr. Jeffrey Erickson in 1998.  He saw the need for a dental office that would provide quality care for underserved kids in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

In the beginning, there were only four dentists and one office.  As word got around, though, the practice grew and grew.  More dentists, more offices and many more happy kids.  In fact, by 2010, you could find A Tooth Doctor for Kids in Phoenix, Mesa, Chandler and Globe serving more than 61,000 happy patients.

But even that wasn’t enough.  Some kids still weren’t getting the dental care they needed.  The answer:  mobile units!  A Tooth Doctor for Kids now has two mobile units, each with two dental chairs, on the road all week.  We visit Native American reservations, Head Start programs and schools.  We do free screenings at health fairs, community centers, and all kinds of events.  Each year we provide free care for hundreds of kids without insurance.

There are two other important things to know about A Tooth Doctor for Kids.  First, we maintain local roots.  We always staff our offices with people from the community.  This helps ensure that our patients and their families feel comfortable.  Second, we never stop innovating.

For example, in 2007 we opened Braces for Less to provide quality orthodontics for kids in the communities we serve.

That’s a bit about the history of A Tooth Doctor for Kids.

And we’re just getting started!