Injury Prevention by admn


Many dental injuries can be prevented in toddlers and children.

  • Try to childproof your home to prevent your toddler from dental injuries by using nonskid rug pads to keep carpeting secure and prevent your child from tripping. Apply foam padding to sharp table corners to prevent your toddler from hurting his mouth and teeth on edges. Install childproof cabinet locks, especially on low compartments that can hit your child’s mouth upon opening.
  • Buy your toddler or child a bike helmet and make sure they wear it while riding a tricycle or bicycle. Dental injuries that occur as a result of a biking accident may be prevented or limited with the extra layer of protection.
  • Place your child in a properly installed and fastened car seat every time they ride with you in a vehicle. Or, when old enough, be sure to use a seat belt to prevent or reduce injuries to the mouth during a motor vehicle accident.
  • Be sure your child wears a mouth guard while participating in sports. A mouth protector can be made by a dentist or purchased at a store that sells athletic supplies.
  • Be sure your child wears a helmet and face guard in sports during which a face, mouth, or head injury could occur.
  • Keep emergency phone numbers handy in case of an accident.