Your Child’s Visit

Relax.  Caring for kids is what we do best.  We know how to make you both feel comfortable.

  1. Curing the fidgets.  We have a video game room to keep your child happily distracted until it’s time for his appointment.
  2. Distract, distract, distract.  Kids can even watch TV in our exam and treatment rooms.
  3. Turning nervous kids into fearless patients.  Our dentists and assistants have many techniques for helping kids relax.   For example:  “Tell, Show, Do.”  We always tell a child exactly what’s going to happen and demonstrate it before we begin.
  4. Talking in their terms.   Nothing promotes cooperation like communication.  Your child’s dentist is an expert at listening to young patients.  It’s a big part of the job.
  5. Having Mom or Dad in the room during the exam.  It helps.  And makes some parents feel better too.  We’re all for it.
  6. Easing jittery kids in a lot of little ways.  From our airy and colorful offices to our friendly and patient dentists, we do everything we can—and that’s a lot—to make every visit pleasant and successful for you and your child.

And if you ever have any questions, just give us a call.  Remember, we’re  always here for you too.